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My name is Andy Roberts and I am about passionate teaching effective, proven self-defence for all.

I am a martial arts student of over 30yrs and have been teaching professionally for over 20.

A few years ago I was brought onboard by an elite unit within the British Military to help redesign their unarmed combat programme.

After much trial and error, feedback from active personnel who were having to use the training in the field and a lot of pressure testing TACTICAL JIU JITSU was born.

Although not all the techniques and tactics we developed can be shared with the general public, what you get here is a highly effective, proven self defence programme.

The Tactical Jiu JItsu Programme blends theory and technique from many martial arts into an all encompassing and effective system that can be easily adapted to any situation.

The videos on this site are to help anyone from beginner to advanced to learn effective self defence.

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18 Years SOF Experience

Name With Held

Andy has been instrumental with the current Combatives program developed for Elite military units from the UK and overseas. Tactical Jujitsu is at the cutting edge of modern combatives and Andy's ability to deliver training and his ability to adapt to any given scenario is second to none and unlike any other training I have received in my 22 years of military service. - Name withheld. (18 years SOF experience)

Rifles Training Team

Capt Terry Rafferty MC, Officer Commanding The Rifles Training Team.

“As a training deliverer, a vital part of my day to day job is the development of Riflemen upon the completion of their training. The vital skills that Andy Roberts at Tactical Jiu Jitsu teaches has a direct correlation to dismounted close combat and essential to ensure soldiers understand the components of self-defence. His reputation across the military is unrivalled and the overwhelming feedback I receive from Riflemen upon the completion of his classes support that. An outstanding instructor, he makes learning self defence fun, interesting and delivered in a professional, relaxed manner. Highly recommended”.

Increased Survivability


A number years ago our unit redesigned its Combatives curriculum. We observed what several of our peers and partners were doing and unsurprisingly concluded that we needed an expert in the field. We audited several programs and ultimately Tactical JiuJitsu came on board to develop our program in concert with the end users. Andy Robert’s deep knowledge of Combatives has been able to answer specific operational problems that we face, his open and humble approach to problem- solving, and ‘perpetual student’ philosophy has pushed us to continuously experiment and evolve our tactics. This has measurably improved Survivability. Andy’s TJJ Foundation curriculum economises time and effort in delivering an effective fighting platform on which the individual can adapt to their own strengths and attributes. This program is agnostic in approach providing simple solutions with a high probability of success, an excellent addition to any training program and a must for anyone working in high risk environments.

Who We Work With

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