Knife Defence Tactics

This course is THE most important material we have put out so far.

We all know knife crime is a massive problem in today's society.

In this programme we will teach you effective principles and concepts to deal with the threat of an edged weapon.

Working with active special operations units who face the threat of a knife on a daily basis we developed the 'KNIFE DEFENCE TACTICS' course.

Not only will you learn the physical techniques to deal effectively with an edged weapon, we will also teach you about Situational Awareness and Pre Attack Indicators so that you can AVOID the situation before it even occurs.

Knife Defence Tactics

The Knife Defence Tactics course includes the following:

  • Situational Awareness Lesson

  • Pre Attack Indicators Lesson

  • Improvised Shields

  • Physical Intervention Techniques

  • Ground Survival

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Darren Good, Personal Safety Trainer, GoodSense Training

As an expert in his field, Andy has done his due diligence and created an easy to learn blue print for dealing with knife attacks. This is such a important area of self defence and the consequences of not getting it right could be totally life changing. He has taken away the complex weapon disarms, which are unlikely to work under pressure, and stuck with the high percentage techniques and strategies which are more likely to be effective. This simple, yet effective system will give you an advantage if you are faced with the very dangerous problem of dealing with an edged weapon. I highly recommend this product and will be drilling these techniques until I am unconsciously competent in them.

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